Latest price after increase

  1. Copied from a taiwan fashion forum, hope this is useful :p

    E/W Caviar: $1325
    E/W Lambskin: $1550

    Small Caviar: $1795
    Small Lambskin: $1950

    Medium Caviar: $1995
    Medium Lambskin: $2150

    Jumbo Caviar: $2250

    E/W Perfo: $1495
    Medium Perfo: $2095/2195?not sure
    Jumbo Perfo: $2495

    Petite Shopping Tote Caviar: $1150
    Grande Shopping Tote Caviar: $1750
    Medallion Tote: $1750

  2. Thanks Billbill, for some reason, my Hawaii Chanel SA told me that the Black GST in Caviar is $1650.
  3. Thanks for posting those, billbill. Does anyone know the price of the mini flap? Several pics have been posted, and I'm really liking those.
  4. the GST in caviar is not $1650 anymore, not since the price increase.
  5. So does that mean that the Jumbo in lambskin is $2,350?:wtf:
  6. According to Chanel boutique, it's $2450 now.
  7. :p I believe this is the price list i posted for another forum.... but its not a taiwan forum tho
  8. E/W Caviar is now $1350.
  9. Maybe the price scale is different in HI, I've noticed certain items being priced differently there in the past???
  10. Wait, I was looking at one yesterday and I swear it said $1395!
  11. Chanel boutique's SA said it's $1350, maybe, mine got the price wrong?
  12. i paid 1325 at Saks nyc
  13. prices are definitely diff. at diff places.. when i called bloomies s/a told me that the GST price hasnt gone up yet and is still $1650 :shrugs: so i waitlisted myself, since i was going to get this 'discount' ;)
  14. thanks for posting!
  15. Blah... now I will never be able to get the medium lambskin. :cry: