Last night I asked...

  1. ...and she said


    I am very thrilled to share with the tPF community that Meaghan and I are engaged! I popped the question last night in a comfy, intimate setting and she completely was taken off guard!!!

    Thanks so much to all of you for making this community the wonderful place that it is. :heart:

    Now, for your viewing pleasures, the ring:

    e1.jpg e2.jpg

    e3.jpg e4.jpg
  2. Vlad, we love you and Megs and just know you have a long beautiful life ahead of yoursleves.:hugs:

    The ring is beautiful!:love:

    Congrats to you both!!:drinkup:
  3. AH!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's SO SO SO SO SO EXCITING! yay!!!!
  4. :love: CONGRATULATIONS! :love:

    I am so, so happy for you both. Vlad, you and Megs are two of the nicest, most wonderful people. You both deserve the best! Congratulations to you both, and I look forward to hearing all about the planning of the big day. I am so thrilled for you!
  5. Thank you EVERYONE!!! I am still in shock but so completely thrilled!!!

    Love you all!!
  6. Congrats to you both!!!
  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!:heart::heart:
  8. Thinking about the big day has me giddy and overwhelmed all at once!! :amuse:
  9. Now we can start planning a wedding!!!!
  10. dang I wish I lived closer!! I LOOOOVE weddings!
  11. Oh, congrats, you guys!!!! Beautiful ring for a beautiful lady! :heart:
  12. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for both of you! Thank you guys for giving us such a wonderful community like none other! Keep updating us on the big update!
  13. :nuts: Congrats Megs and Vlad!!! The ring is beautiful. I wish you two a beautiful life together! :flowers:
  14. I love you both, and truly am so excited and happy for you!!!! I love the way you are together as a couple and think you will have a wonderful marriage. Looking forward to watching you grow old together!!!
  15. WHAT? You two are... (gulp) living in SIN??? (hehehehe)

    Wonderful news! Congradualtions Megs, Vlad! I am sooo happy for you both!

    WOW that ring is BEAUTIFUL!! And HUGE!