Last Call Presale NM

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  1. My SA sent some pics of Last Call items on presale




    PM me if you would like my SA's name and number!
  2. how much is the brown wallet on the last pic?
  3. What kind of bag is the black one in the second last pic? Is it nylon?
  4. I haven't been able to actually talk to her in person, so I am not sure...
  5. that is actually a Gucci bag and it is leather. She is going to find out the price for me.

  6. It's a black leather Gucci.

    And thx for posting ssc!!!! You're awesome! One of the brown wallets would be PERFECT with my new Pradas.....and maybe another I may order..doh!

    ETA: ha, we posted at the same time. Oh my gosh, I feel like an idiot! I realized that I had that same wallet and sold it...ahhahahahha! Hm, maybe it's fate that it's on sale!
  7. Isn't that funny! We find myself drawn to the same things over and over again!!
  8. Thanks for posting pix, all these sales, what to do?

  9. wallet- original price $380, now $171

  10. She said the Gucci is in perfect condition, is leather, was $1,995 and is now $897.
  11. I reealllllllyyyyyyyy like the brown wallet. But, gotta say no!!!:nuts:
  12. I am repeating to myself....

    just say no, just say no, just say no, just say no, just say no, just say no no no no no no no no no no no no
  13. What color do you suppose that lighter wallet is? Do you think it is quarzo sfumato? I have a bag coming in that color.
  14. I think I have a wallet in that color! I'll check!
  15. It is a different leather than your bag....I have this wallet. I think it is more of a goldish tan..with a sheen....actually would be very pretty with your bag eventhough it is not an exact match!