last bowler question and i promise ill stop!!!

  1. hey guys sorry for the endless questions!!!

    i have a dilemma now! im not sure to go for the deerskin or goatskin black bowler and i have to make a decision within the next few hours!!!

    please let me know your thoughts! i simply cannot decide since i have never seen the bags in person! thanks!!!!!
  2. where did you find a goatskin one? I didn't think they made them anymore? I would go w/the goatskin as I like the metallic sheen on it moreso than the deerskin.
  3. The deerskin is very durable and thick , that's what I'd go with !
  4. I think it depends how much shine you want.
  5. Hey Smoothoprter,

    I def. like the shine on the metallic. I think it makes a bit more young looking and more suitable for my age. But I am just worried about the metallic shine wearing off!
  6. Swanky has a black metallic goat skin flap bag and she says she's carried quite a bit without any problems.

    There a many other girls here who have black metallic goat skin bags and I haven't read about anybody else having problems with the shine rubbing off.

    I vote for the black metallic goat skin.
  7. Well I vote for the goatskin since that is the one I have!:P

    Did you finally find one?
  8. Black Metallic Goatskin 'cos that's the one I ordered too!!! ;D
  9. Which did you get? I think the goatskin will look nicer in black - shinier.
  10. I found one for her at Saks in Greenwich, CT. It was on hold for me but I have the deerskin and released the goatskin to jacquelinez. Glad I could do my PF service - it always saves my credit card a big hit! :biggrin:
  11. YAY roey's the BEST! hehehehe i love PF members!
  12. Congrats! I am so happy you found one. So nice of roey to do that.:heart:
  13. congrats on your bag!!
  14. thanks guys! i am so addicted...hehe i hope i dont neglect my chloes now eheh
  15. jacq - my Paddingtons haven't been out in awhile! They are screaming in their dustbags...
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