Last bag/reveal until after Lent...

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  1. ...unless I manage to go to the outlet of boutique between now and Tuesday!

    I carried this bag around, for what seemed like forever, in the store debating where or not I wanted to get it. I kinda wanted the larger size in this purse but I decided on getting it because of the great deal!

    The general manager at the outlet offered me a summer job while I was there too...I told her I'd think about it. I'm a teacher and I'm starting my master's this summer, so I know I'd have the time and I'd love the extra money.

    Who's here to see my reveal???

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  2. garnet?
  3. Some sort of spotlight Poppy?
  4. bring it on
  5. me!
  6. these should be a dead giveaway...

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  7. Bella, my kitten, managed to sneak in. :biggrin:
  8. gosh you're good!!!

    Small Cobalt Garnet!!
    Only $116!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

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  9. Cobalt patent garnet? :smile:

    oops! I was a little slow!
  10. ooh thats a pretty color. I want a new bag lol! I am holding out till the summer stuff comes out
  11. poopy purple lining...:P

    classy modeling pics with sweats on!! :smile:

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  12. Oh my, that's sooo gorgeous!

    I'm such a sucker lately for patent! $116? WOW, that's a steal!


    BTW, Coach would be smart to hire me, they'd never have to cut me a check as I would spend it all on merchandise, lol!
  13. Ooooh, gorgeous patent bag! Congrats! :yahoo:
  14. Very pretty! Now I'm wishing I still had my blue bag since I got rid of it... O well, looks like there will be plenty of blue bags in Coach's spring collection. Congrats it looks gorgeous!
  15. Thats lovely!!