Larry King Live on now topic autism...

  1. My son is autistic & if you're just sitting here & can tune in, you might want to catch it. We owe it to our kids (ALL kids) to find out more about autism. Thanks!


    PS He's on CNN
  2. I did not watch it by I Tivo'd it for later. I am a speech pathologist that works exclusively with children ages 3-12 w/ Autism. I love my job and my students. I learn so much from them everyday. I hope everything is going well for your son.

  3. Jenny is a perfect ambassador for this!
  4. You know, I bought her book so that I could "put it down" intelligently amongst all my autism mom friends ("What the hell could that dumb bimbo have to say?", I stupidly thought); however, I found it to be well-written & it gave me hope!!! We are just beginning many of the treatments she talks about. Anne--I also used to work with kids on the spectrum as a music therapist & have my master's in special education. Thanks for letting me post this here!

  5. Oh darn...I wanted to see this. I'm a speech path as well. Keep your chin up, Amy. I worked with a child that started out with no language at all and now he is in the reg ed classroom functioning at grade level. He did the Lovaas program out of UCLA as well as public school speech therapy and OT. Amazing results out of this intensive program for him!
  6. It doesn't come on here for another 1/2 hour. I have it set to tivo. Such a scary issue. I just read the people magazine article from last week with a little excerpt from her book... definately something I want to read.
  7. Shoot....I'm bummed I missed this. I do research with families with autism!!