Lariat Necklace - Keep It Long, or Shorten It?

  1. I bought this lariat necklace to go with a dress I'm wearing to a wedding, but I can't decide if it looks better long, or if I should shorten it a bit.

    What do you think?
    IMG_3825.JPG IMG_3824.JPG

  2. Short version is better
  3. Short version is a perfect length. Very pretty by the way.
  4. Gorgeous piece! I think it looks better shorter with this dress. Beautiful dress also!
  5. Shorter
  6. Definitely shorter.
  7. I prefer it shorter. You look gorgeous in that dress :smile:
  8. It's beautiful and so is your dress.
    Shorter, because it stands out more that way and you can't really see it when it's longer and sort of blends in with the pattern of the dress.
  9. To wear with that dress I think it is perfect!
  10. Wow, it's unanimous. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

    The dress is called My Antonia from Free People, and the necklace is from Marisa Mason.
  11. I prefer the long version it's more unique. It is perfect with that beautiful dress.
  12. Shorter looks nicer
  13. Shorter. Beautiful dress and necklace. Perfect combo.
  14. Shorter version for sure!
  15. I would definetely go with the shorter version, the longer gets lost as is less noticeable, pretty dress btw and looks great on you.