large wave hobo questions!

  1. hello all...i posted a few days ago about this bag. I was wondering if this bag will go on sale or if i can get it at an outlet??? or do i just have to save my pennys and buy it!!!! thanks so much!
  2. Most likely it won't go on sale if it didn't go on sale this past spring. Since its the stadard monogram it may become a classic...
  3. ^That's right. The blue floral one went on sale recently for some ridiculous price of 300+ USD (correct me if I am wrong) from memory recently.
  4. yeah i saw that the blue floral one was super thats why i asked..i thought just maybe the one i want just might go on sale!!!!! wish full thinking ha!!! i gotta save money asap!!!!!
  5. I highly doubt that the monogram will go on sale. How about this one? I bought it at the sale (seems like no one else got it, I think it depends which country you are from which determines what goes on sale). I paid 550 AUD (approx 440 USD) for this one.


    I don't know exactly what this one is called, but this was what was on my receipt. You could try looking for it if you like it.

    Item Code 802224327
    Description 9643/ / GOLDIE MED HOBO ORIG GG.
  6. this one is super cute too!!! thanks so much!!! i think i might even go into a gucci boutique and try on some bags and see if i also find anything there too!!!
  7. No worries! Yup going in to try them all out is the way to go. Good luck and let us know how you go!
  8. thank you so much!!! when i get a bag i will definatly post pics! might be a couple months but i am going to get one!!!!!
  9. As long as you get something you like it is worth the wait. :smile: