Large Trio - Keep or Return?

  1. Hey everyone! Would love to get your valuable opinion on my latest purchase - the large trio in navy !

    I placed a phone order with Bergdorf Goodman yesterday and picked it up this evening... To my disappointment, there are several surface scratches in the front as well as the back panel has an uneven, slightly more winked part that extend to he corner... See pics...

    Do you think these are totally natural occurrence or have all trio's been having totally even panels, and I should return it and find another one? If so, have you seen the large trio anywhere lately? I would love a navy one.... Thanks so much in advance !!! xx


  2. I would return it and get one in better condition.
  3. :wave:hi *F i would return it , the trio is stunning in navy blue!
  4. Finally ! Michael from BG emailed me 2 days ago that he received one more in the store! I literally ran to the store within the hour and was able to do an exchange ! :smile:

    This one is perfect, yay !


  5. Keep it, I also wanna buy a large trio in royal blue
  6. congrats with your exchange!