Large Lv Gray/black Patchwork Bag Encounter

  1. OHHHH ITS GORGEOUS..............i strolled into LV today at Town Center Mall and there she was, the large shoulder bag denim in gray and black, its not the Speedy (which i think is about $2020), I don't know what this one is called..............but it has adorable multi-colored floral lining inside like a Laura Ashley print or floral chintz adorable. I actually like it better than the blue denim..its different and classy.......Then the SAs showed me the matching sandals and i almost needed CPR :girlsigh:
    at $2500 for a denim bag, its not gonna happen, but oh my, its stunning
  2. Was it the Bowly?? hmm! I'm really starting to LOVE the Patchwork!
  3. Yeah, if it was around $2500, it must be a bowly. It's nice that some items are available to puchase for anyone at stores....:smile:
  4. I love the potsy. But the price is just too much for denim.
  5. Yup. Sounds like the bowly. I've been talking about this bag for months and so many people chimed in about how yucky they thought it was

    But its funny now to see how everyone is changing their mind and jumping on the bandwagon. LOL :p

    Not you personally, but everyone in general. LOL.

    It is a beautiful bag. Glad you love it:heart:
  6. Did you get yours yet?
  7. I saw both the blue and grey bowly IRL on Saturday. Very nice!! I couldn't decide which color I liked better!
  8. you guys are making me jealous the patchwork denim isn't available in australia yet = ( I am dying to get the bowly it's practical and classic with a twist! I've been calling my SA every week I think she thinks I am stalking her lol!!!!:drool: but my husband is going to :lecture:and :noggin: therefore I will have to hide the bag in the car for a few weeks first! Can't wait I have been saving up for the bag since DEC
  9. I love the patch work.
  10. I want patchwork too, I have yet to see IRL.
  11. I am waiting for my patchwork speedy too...