Large Ergo Tote - do you use as a purse?

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  1. or a tote bag? I use a pretty big bag to commute to work, but I'd like to be able to use this on non work days. Do those of you who have the ergo tote use it just as a purse?
  2. I use it as a purse! It's just a purse that happens to hold a ton of stuff :P Sometimes I stuff it full of things, other days it just my basics. That's why this bag is so great! Looks great and is lightweight no matter what!
  3. I definitely use it as a purse. I carry it with all my handbag stuff in it. This bag just makes sense to me
    and my lifestyle which is pretty laid back.


    Try and get your Ergo Tote for the PCE with the discount. It starts on June 8th.

  4. Liz, that's what I'm waiting for! I'm getting so impatient. It's confirmed for next Friday though? woo hoo!
  5. I "would have" been using mine as a purse also. But since lovely USPS lost my package, I wont be using it at all. URRRRR!!
  6. I use mine as a purse. I am a lover of big bags. :smile:
  7. I usually use mine as a purse but I have also put it to TOTE use too. :yes:
  8. a purse...i'm a big bag lover. go big or go home!
  9. what i this sale that starts June 8th? PLEASE!!
  10. Yes, I do. I carry all my regular purse acc'ys. It doesn't "look" big because it's not stuffed. Plus it's so sophisticated. Every collection should have one tote!
  11. Does the Ergo tote stay on your shoulder? It would be a great bag for schlepping my kids around town...
  12. *** bump***

    bumping this thread up to the top...

    I'm feeling ERGO for the PCE --- and I cannot decide what will be the best for my lifestyle.