Large Bouvier - what can it hold?

  1. Hey, i don't have a bouvier and i'm thinking of getting one in guccissima leather. i know it's a classic shape, but how much can it stuff? i'm always concerned about bags fitting my gucci sunglasses case which of course is quite wide!

    is the large bouvier a good practical everyday bag?
  2. i had the small one -classic Gucci logo canvas-

    it held my basics + few other items .. so i guess the large would hold much more ? ...
  3. i have the medium bouvier and it holds a lot! I think the large can carry all your essentials plus room for a change of clothes for me. :smile: (not including the shoes though) :smile:
  4. i saw the bouvier in the rusty guccissima sitting high on a shelf at gucci so i couldn't get a good look at how much it fits... i was getting something else and was in a rush.

    how does a bouvier look on? is it hard to access your things in the bag? do you clasp it all the time?
  5. I bought the medium bouvier and returned it because it was way too big and structured for me. I like bags that are more smooshy and this definitely was not. I like the way it looks though....
  6. i just got the choco guccissima... was debating between the choco and the white since 1) have too many black bags 2) don't usually like plain leather and 3) i loooove guccissima. and guess what? i loooooove the bag. it's beautiful with the guccissima leather and it seems to hold a lot. i have to look at it more carefully though. it's smooshy and structured which is great too!