Large black tote: Cambon vs Cotton Club

  1. I have a large black cambon tote with black patent C's. I really liked it at first, but don't like how many cambon fakes there are out there. That made me think about the cotton club (CC) tote which I've never seen faked. Which do you prefer or do you dislike both and think I should go for something else?

    pros of cambon:
    soft handles make it easy to carry
    not defective!
    a tad taller

    cons of cambon:
    highly highly faked
    picks up scratches more easily than the distressed cc tote

    Pros of CC tote:
    cool distressed leather
    trademark chain handles
    not as faked

    Cons of CC tote:
    some of the handles were defective- would Chanel fix mine before it breaks if I didn't purchase it in-store?
    handles are probably not as comfy

    I figure everyone knows what the cambon tote looks like, here's a pic of the cotton club tote:
  2. I LOVE my cambon tote, but I don't use it anymore coz there are sooooooooooooo many fakes, ugh!
  3. I've seen a lot of fake CC totes on eBay :yes:

    I didn't love the CC ligne when it came out, but now I do like it very much.
  4. I love Cambon lines and I have ever owned more than 6 items.
    Cotton Club is quite nice for me but I do think Cambon is better.
    I don't think the fake Cambon bags look any closed to real one if you see them in person.
  5. Thanks, good to know! I guess it was inevitable. I just know that a good 50% or more of the cambons listed on eBay are fake :tdown:
  6. I love the cotton club much better than cambon. Is it a classic piece or seasonal item?
  7. I thought it was seasonal...
  8. The bronze one is really beautiful... I guess it's not available in the store anymore, right?
  9. I hate this fake business on Ebay. You can't trust anybody these days.:cursing:
    Yeah, I like the Cotton Club better.
  10. i like the cottn club better

  11. No more bronze in store. I called around last month but all they had were black or beige.
  12. I have them both and like them equally for different reasons. The Cotton Club was available for one season only so far and I saw fakes out also immediately after their debut:sad:

    Here's some direct visual comparisons, the center shows the Cambon is very slightly taller:
    IMG_2244.jpg IMG_2246.jpg IMG_2251.jpg IMG_2239.jpg IMG_0796.jpg
  13. Thanks so much for the pics! The gold/bronze color is stunning! Did you find one easier or more comfortable to carry than the other?
  14. They are both great bags and to me the real ones look 1000x better than the fake ones in real life.
  15. i like the cotton club!