Large 06 mp, good deal or bad?

  1. I just got carried away I suppose and bought a large black 06 mp with gold hdw. I paid 445.00 and it was used! Don't know how used, pics looked good? Did I overpay? I can send it back less shipping ,she does have a return policy! Help?:confused1::sweatdrop::sad:
  2. I think if it's in great cond. and you like it then I would keep it. The black with gold hardware sounds beautiful!!
  3. I think that's a pretty good deal for a large MP with the gold hardware. Congrats!
  4. 445.00 is still almost 1/2 off retail - I'd wait to get it and see the actual condition. If it's in great condition & you love it then I'd keep it.
  5. Hey Muggles, isn't this your first MJ? I am sure that it is beautiful in person! :tup:Congrats!
  6. I think the price is definitely fair. Black MPs sell for a bit higher than most other colors and since it's still recent and the larger size, I think you did ok. Don't worry!
  7. Muggles - I agree with the others there, that's a good price. You will love the large MP. It was the second MJ bag I bought, the small MP was my first. It's still one of my favorites (then again, I say that about each one...blake, venetia, etc)

    I'm very jealous of you black w/ gold...I've been eyeing that for quite some time now! Post pics when you get it!! :p
  8. Thanks everyone now I can't wait to get it!!:nuts::yes::p
  9. It sounds beautiful!
  10. It sounds like you got a fairly good deal considering the color/year... I paid about $600 for mine. :push: The large MP (in ferrari) was my first MJ! It's still one of my favorites too. :love: Don't forget to post pictures when she arrives!
  11. Hi muggles
    I think you got a great deal, also bag looks to be from this year (didn't the 06 have grey contrast stitching?).

    Post pics when you get your bag (btw I paid full UK retail for a black large MP with grey suede and I really wanted the brown suede but they were sold out - now I'm really kicking myself and am a little bit jealous :sad:)
    Enjoy your bag