Laptop in Marc Jacobs???

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  1. Hi. Does anyone know if a MAC BOOK size 11.25 x 9.25 will fit into a Marc Jacobs Quiltes Stam Bag? This is the one with the lock clasp on the top. Pictures if you have. Thanks
  2. i don't think so... bags with claps like that is slightly smaller on the opening...

    maybe you should post this on the marc jacobs thread to get more feedbacks
  3. It won't fit. And if it did, your arm would fall off from the weight. The Stam is a heavy bag and adding a laptop in it would make the bag very very uncomfortable.
  4. Thanks. I guess I'll have to find another bag for class. Any Suggestions?
  5. Hi there, more of a general comment, but when I put my laptop into bags other than those designated 'laptop' bags, I always find it tricky - too heavy (my Carker was almost 4 kg with my computer etc in it), too bulky (no sections for cables etc), too unprotected (fastenings that don't cover the expensive computer inside) or just plain awkward. I had thought the 'laptop bag' was a marketing creation, but I am really not so sure. . .
  6. i carry my ibook 12" in my balenciaga city or chloe edith.