Laptop bag

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  1. Hi ladies

    What would be a good messenger to use as a laptop bag, something that won't kill the shoulder carrying around and doesn't look too manly - or is it best to go for a proper laptop bag that isn't from Mulberry?

  2. Personally i'd go for a proper lap top bag that is specifically designed for the job and then carry a Mulberry handbag!
  3. Good call Jo, had that feeling too but just wanted to be certain.

    Great thanks :smile:
  4. I agree with Jo. Crumpler make some great laptop bags.
  5. Acme make really nice laptop bags -

    Very "designer" looking. Have gotten loads of compliments on my stripy one!
  6. ^^oooh, those are nice! Do they ship to the UK?
  7. Laptop bags is often padded to proptect the laptop , so I say go for a real laptopbag
  8. Do mulberry not have briefcases which would do the job?
  9. i prefer laptop cases, like this one. this way i can put my laptop in "normal" bags and it's protected :tup: i got a small laptop though, just 13".
  10. I use a laptop sleeve and put it in a Rockley. When I travel, I don't like to carry too many bags through airport security. This setup works out great for me.
  11. My hubby uses Jecob tote for Mac Air but only for easy/light journey.
    That "acmemade" one looks really nice!
  12. there is a Rockley on ebay at the moment!
  13. My husband has a Brynmore in Oak and his laptop fits perfectly....
  14. i have a proper lap top puch for my mac book and i also have a black leather laptopn bag (not mulberry ) that id big enough to take the pouch in as well. mind u bloody thing never been out the house. and is not likely too as i have blackberry bold now and thats does everything .
  15. I have just bought a Brynmore in patent grey leather which fits my laptop and work papers really well. It is quite big though, but I like being able to wear it across my body.