Lanvin Kentucky Tote...


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Apr 30, 2006
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I was just many sizes did the Lanvin Kentucky tote come in?

I just found my first one at Intermix yesterday marked down from
1995 USD to 839 USD plus an extra 25% off!!!

Then today I found out Intermix marked their bags down AGAIN!! So it actually comes out to 329 USD now!!!

Anyways, mine is the bronze metallic color and I *think* it is calf since it said 100% veau/calf....though its weird...almost feels like a soft fabric because of the coloring/coating but I guess it IS leather...

And I was also wondering if other TPFers have their Kentucky totes on pix since I was curious what other colors and variations it came in :smile:

And lastly...I noticed some with the messenger straps too...mine didnt come with a messenger strap but someone mentioned they only did that for 1 season?



Jul 30, 2007
The Kentucky only comes in one size...the smaller size is called the Kansas.
Only one season came with the messenger straps - it was the season they used sueded leather (came with the Luberon, Kansas, and Kentucky I believe). HTH.