Lanvin Flat Boots - need advice

  1. Calling all Lanvin flat boot owners! I really want to buy these boots and am ready to fork over the $860 that they retail for. Before taking the plunge, I'm wondering if I can get some feedback on the boots.

    Like, measurements would be great (shaft and how tight/loose are they around the calf)? I have tiny calves and am very petite so would these be okay? I've had a hard time finding the right boots that fit, tried Loeffler Randall, Delman, Belle and all to big/high.

    Would love to hear from anyone on these lovely boots. I'm looking to get them in the black leather.

  2. hey pixy28 !

    Yea, I got the black leather ones. Whats the best way to tell you, I'm usually a size 7.5. I tried on both 7 and 7.5. I thot the 7's were a better fit but i couldn't zip them past my ankles so i ended up gettin the 7.5. My SA told me the leather will stretch in them and they did. So i kinda wondered if I should have gotten the 7's. Hope these measurements can help you. My ankles @ 8 inches, calves are 12.5 inches. If your a pretty petite should have no problem (from what i've heard, they tend to fit well for slimmer calves but best is to try them on). Good luck in finding the right pair of boots. :tup:
  3. Oops...from the previous post, you asked me how high they go....

    They go just slightly below my knees and i'm 5'4.
  4. Thanks icandie! Great advice. It sounds like they should fit around my ankles/calves no problem. The only concern I have now is that they may be too tall and not stop below the knee like I would like them to. I may have to order and try in order to know. Where did you buy them by the way? Do you have the ones with or without buttons?

  5. drool i want these boots so bad. the last pair on eBay said they were 1/2 size small & the outside calf measured 14" in a size 37/7.
  6. how tall are you? I'm 5ft tall and they definitely stopped below my knees when I tried them on. granted your legs sound much skinnier than mine so they'll just go straight up instead of trying to expand on the way up, but I still think you'll be fine.
  7. Not a problem. I just purchased mine 3 weeks ago from Barneys...the ones w/o the buttons altho i would love to get my hands on the flat boot w/ buttons ;). Lanvin recently came out w/ a patent material if your interested.
    I tried posting a pic up on the post above but guess that doesn't work. If you google around, you may find some pics of Nicole Richie wearing the Lanvin flat boots and they just sit below her knees as well and she's not that tall (i'd say about 5'1), very petite. hope this helps!
  8. The flat boots with the buttons are from 2006. The only place you may be able to find them is on eBay.

    The cut on the top of the boot is different this year, so I don't know that viewing pictures of Nicole Richie wearing last fall's boots will be that effective. The boots from 2006 were slightly rounded at the top, while the 2007 boots are cut straight across. I think the current boots hit a tad bit higher on the calf than the 2006 boots did.
  9. Can anybody with the Lanvin flat boots from 2006 post pictures please? I'd like the compare the pictures with the 2007 version. Thanks so much!!
  10. pics?
  11. I have the flat boots with the buttons and the 2007 version with the kitten heel which is cut straight across. The 2007 version is definitely higher up the leg than the button ones.

    I'm 5'7" with slim calves and have no problem doing them up.

    What kind of pictures do you want?

    Here's some of Kate in hers with buttons