Lambskin Flap Bag - Scratches

  1. I finally bought my first flap bag a few weeks ago. It's a black lambskin. After using it a couple of times, I have a few major scratches on it! :crybaby:Can I please get some tips on how I can save my darling bag??
  2. Hi there. :smile: Awww, I'm so sorry to hear about the scratches... I would be sad and upset too! :sad: Hmm... I don't have tons of experience with lambskin, because all of my bags (with the exception of a few) are caviar. That being said, I've heard of people rubbing the scratches with their fingers to lessen the appearance. Are they deep scratches or surface scratches? Hopefully the finger rubbing will help! :smile: I'm sure some other ladies will have better suggestions! :heart:
  3. Hi fieryfashionist, thanks for replying. Well, they're not exactly deep but they make the bag look so old and 'used'! Sigh... most of them are actually fingernail scratches. The 2 really bad ones were inflicted when I was trying to get out of a cab in a hurry and in the process lost my grip on the bag. Blah... I tried rubbing them with the little white cloth that comes with the bag and that lightened the scratches a bit but they're still visible.

    It's caviar for me next time...
  4. Nothing can really be done in my experience to remove the scratches entirely, but they can be minimized with leather wipes - I buy these in the grocery store in the cleaning aisle to use on my delicate lambskin wallet. It conditions and shines the leather. I can't recall who makes the product but the container says "Leather Wipes".

    Appleguard Leather Care is another great product. I purchased it online. Google it and you'll find places to purchase.
  5. Me too have a few lambskin flap bags and have the same common problems, scratches found on the leather. As far i know, there is nothing much can do to minimise those scratches. That's why it is advisable to get caviar rather than lambskin due to their delicate leather.
  6. ahh sorry to hear about the scratches, its just a necessary evil it appears, when opting for Lambskin.

    I personally, still think the look and feel of the lambskin, far outweighs the scratches ;), but I know its awful that you baby a new bag and it still scratches.
  7. Definitely try rubbing the scratches with your fingertips. A Chanel SA showed me this long ago; something about the natural oils in your skin really helps. I've had this Chanel large shoulder bag in lambskin for about two years now, and the scratches disappear when I rub them out.

    Good luck, and don't get too bummed. :flowers: Lambskin is much more durable than some gals here on tPF seem to think. My bag has been caught in snowstorms and banged around on frequent travel, and it still looks good.
    Chanel lambskin.JPG
  8. The rubbing technique works. You may have to repeat the rubbing scenario a few times. However, if the scratches are deep, rubbing isn't going to fix it. When the bag really looks in need of a facelift -- after about year of daily use, send it to Chanel. It will come back looking like the day you bought it. (I truly love the look, the sensuous feel of lambskin.) I'm in agreement that caviar or even a reissue will withstand daily use without as much angst.
  9. I use a leather conditioner and it seems to make them much less visible.
  10. I second that!:yes:
  11. Hi, the SA in Hong Kong told me last week that you just need to massage the leather and the scratches wld be gone. You can try :smile: hope it works

  12. Yes the SA said the same when i bought my lambskin wallet
  13. So sad to hear! :sad:

    This is exactly the reason why I cannot bring myself to buy a lambskin flap... I always seem to scratch my bags with my fingernails. :push:
  14. Most of my bags are lambskin and I put a little Apple care conditioner on surface scratches and buff them out. It may be easier for me b/c I don't have long fingernails. I don't tend to get deep scratches.
  15. Great bag Cosmo! I've always been a little nervous about lambskin myself.