LAMB for LeSportsac & tokidoki for LeSportsac value?

  1. I keep hearing that LAMB for LeSportsac bag prices went through the roof after the collab ended, and that the same is expected to happen with the tokidoki line. I never really took an interest in the LAMB line, so I have no idea what retail prices were. But, I've been searching through completed listings on eBay, and the bag prices seem pretty reasonable/cheap as compared to completed listings for tokidoki. I can only assume that LAMB bags were the same if not more than toki bags when released.

    Do the bag prices just double or triple right after the collaboration ends and then go back down and settle under retail?

    Any info on LAMB, on value, on LeSportsac collab trends?:confused1:
  2. Nothin'? I know some of the Toki addicts have said the collected LAMB too.
  3. I only have 2 L.A.M.B. for LeSportsac bags and after the collabo ended, I remember eBay jackin' those suckers double :confused1:...and after a couple months went by, eBay brought them down(not retail though). So, maybe that's the trend :shrugs:
  4. LAMB bags were going for crazy prices. I use to have about 30 lamb bags at one point. I sold a little less then half of my collection and bought a LV cabas piano with the money I made. (Made about $975 selling them on ebay) The more rare bags like LAMBI CAMI can get a bit pricey since those are the most saught after bags. The one I have can sell for $300 easily. but most a lot of people don't have any interest in the bags anymore. The prices might go back up around christmas, but everything does then

    LAMB bags were about the same prices as Tokidoki bags also.
  5. I do have L.A.M.B pieces and the prices really SHOT throught the roof after the collab ends, esp. the Lambi Cami and Icon Pebbel print and Tattoo and Band Bag Styles. Unbelivable as they went as high as triple and quadruple their retail prices. Also, they were a few of the Lost Print as Lambie calls them which was never released due to manufacturing defect which became an obsession with the collectors and went to as high as one grand!!!!!

    Wonder if there are any unreleased Tokidoki which might pop up somewhere???
  6. L.A.M.B. LeSportsac bag prices went crazy-high for a year or two after the bags stopped being produced, but the prices went way way down once eBay got flooded with passable fakes (unlike the tokidoki fakes, they weren't as super-obvious) and when the L.A.M.B. lux bags came out.
  7. Oo:huh::huh:O!! Unreleased toki? :nuts:

    I guess I was just wondering about the values and the astronomical prices because I just started collecting tokis and the prices seem to get higher and higher with each day!! :tdown: I'm hoping at some point the prices will level some, so that I can buy prints I don't have and not kill my wallet. :push:
  8. ^^ One day I'm sure.. I'm waiting for that day too ! :graucho:
  9. I can also testify that the L.A.M.B. prices were through the roof, especially about a year after the collaboration was over before her new stuff became readily available in department stores. Then eventually Gwen Stefani started putting out new L.A.M.B. bags on her own, as well as the cheaper line Harajuku Lovers. She also started using the Love*Angel*Music*Baby and rasta prints on her clothing, so the demand kind of diminished.
  10. lol i remember seeing a LAMB for lesportsac bag retailing around $50 at urban outfitters.. i know because i was thinking about getting it but didn't think it was really "pretty" or cute.. i know i see them for 100s on eBay now, but i bought one used recently off another forum for pretty cheap.
  11. I have the small hella hobo from the first line, I wound up finding it at Macy's for $10 in 2004!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't sell it, but I'm thinking of selling either my heart wristlet or big flat wristlet because the heart fits awkwardly in my bag, and the flat wristlet is just too big for my bag.