Laguna Beach III Premieres Aug. 16!

  1. I'm excited about it! Yet I don't know what to expect... they're all new kids! :smile:
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    what wonderful news!!!!! i hope it comes to New Zealand soon after being shown in the States!!! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: woo hoo - more LB!!! woop woop woop!!!! :wlae:
  3. I saw the preview tonight for looks interesting. I recognized one of the girls from a LB 2 episode. She was the girl that went with Jason to a dance and asked Alex if it was alright with her to go with him.
  4. Yeah, her name is Kami I believe.
    I dont know if I'll be watching LB3... I liked LB and LB2 because the kids were my age. I dont know if I'll enjoy watching younger kids. Especailly if they're gonna play for the camera (they obviously know how popular LB is). I saw the preview last night, and the girls look like they're going to boast about their money alot more in LB3.
  5. Good point! :yes:
  6. Isn't some of the girls, the little sister's of the previous cast or was that another show? Nevertheless it will be interesting to watch!! :yes:
  7. I think one of the girls is LC's sister
  8. yeah, i read somewhere that LC's sister will be in LB3.
  9. August 16th......I Can't Wait!!!!! :smile:
  10. Yea! I can't wait either =)
  11. aaahhh i hope its good! im a little nervous about it being an all new cast though!
  12. That's the exact same thing I read too
  13. I Saw The Trailer Tonight.....It Looks So Good!!!
  14. I can't wait to see it! I wish August would come faster!

    Hehe, my initals are LB so when everyone abbreviates Laguna Beach, its my initals. I think that's pretty cool, but sometimes confusing.

    How young are the kids going to be? Like 14??
  15. ^Leanne "LB" :smile: ....I Believe The Producers Wanted The Cast To Be A Little Younger (They Always Show The Senior Class - I Know We All Know This!)....I Guess They Wanted Them To Last A Couple Seasons.

    Hopefully, At Least Juniors.......

    ***Season2 Is On Right Now.....& It's On All Day ~ Talk About Wasting A Day.....J/K.....But, I Just Caught The Finale Of Season1 & Right Now Is The First Episode Of Season2....I Caught Two Minutes...........I Definitely Liked Season1 More!