Lagacy Ali Vs Shoulder Bag

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  1. Which Do You Girls Like Most? I Can't Decide.
  2. Both are gorgeous bags, but the Ali is considerably larger than the shoulder bag. It was simply too big for me. I think it just depends on how much you carry and how you like the bag to fall, as the strap on the Ali is longer, too. I think you just have to try them on to decide which is right for you and feels most comfortable for you.

    I bought the Legacy Hippie as a compromise between the Ali and the shoulder bag, but now I am considering getting the shoulder bag, too!
  3. I love the Ali, but knew it was bigger than I needed so I went with the shoulder bag. They are both gorgeous so I think it depends on how much room you need.
  4. I love the Ali bag! I think the Ali is a really good sized bag that would fit any body shape. I like having not to worry if my bag is big enough to carry what I need and the Ali is perfect for just throwing whatever you need in there and going.
  5. i like them both! ali for roomy but the shoulder is cuter tho.
  6. I have both and love both. I find that the Ali fits better under my arm, though. I mainly carry the shoulder bag in my hand.
  7. i like the ali, but i love larger handbags, and this one is a really good size (although i'd LOVE it if it were even bigger!)
  8. I have the shoulder bag and I love it, but I'm also not a fan of huge bags. For me, the Ali is beautiful, but just too big. The shoulder bag is surprsingly roomy, especially with all the outside pockets!
  9. Shoulder bag, just got one this weekend & love it. Big enough for me.