lady with lv bag

  1. i saw this lady walking down the street and she had a big tote bag that was dark tan or goldish color. on the bag is had LV around in in big letters and it had the big star symbol and circle thing on it to. Has louis vuitton ever made a bag like this?
  2. From my knowledge, LV hasn't made anything like that.

    The only thing that comes to mind is the Jaune Globe Shopper Cabas?
  3. Ya that's what I was thinking too (but didn't post cuz people might think i'm crazy LOL)... iono, still not likely though cuz from what I remember the front says LOUIS VUITTON in a 'circle' and not LV (unless you meant it in abbreviated form....):shrugs:
  4. Big LV with stars and circle shape in dark tan with gold sounds like every brown mono bag I've ever seen.

  5. lol
  6. [​IMG]


    These match the descriptions too.

    Assuming the OP's "LV around in in big letters and it had the big star symbol and circle thing" is monogram.
  7. Slightly confused by this post...any more details?
  8. well, the bag had really Large Abbreviated LV symbols on it, larger than usual. The bag was maybe about 15 inches long and there were only about 5 Lv symbols on the bag because the letters were so large. It was a tote and the letting was like a bronzish brown color.
  9. True, but like i said it was more of a tan or goldish color than a brown color and it was a tote. I hope that eliminates some options.
  10. No clue.
  11. Boy I am lost on this one!
  12. i'll to draw a picture
  13. Wow, sorry i'm really bad at this. this is just a jist of kind of what it looked like although it had all the lv symbols on it i just can't draw them. and the colors were just a tad different.

  14. Eek then it was definitely fake, LV has never made anything like that.
  15. I love the picture though!