Lady Dior Size Confusion

  1. I'm looking to purchase the Lady Dior in patent red and i would like a large one, but i am confused about the sizes. Apparently there is a large and an extra large shopper, am i correct. Does anyone have pics?
  2. Here are the three most popular and widely available sizes:


    The small is also known as the evening; all evening Lady Dior bags are the small size.
    The medium is the iconic size and is also the size that appears in all Lady Dior ads.
    There is a fourth size called the extra large/shopper that's not pictured here. It is the only size that will fit A4 documents.

    By the way, this topic has been posted before, please do a search next time:
  3. Thanks for the reply, i really appreciate it. I guess i would be looking at either the large or the shopper, leaning towards the shopper cause i need a big bag, but i don't want it to look awkward.
  4. the XL size is noted on the Dior website as the Lady Dior Miss Dior' bag ;)
  5. Huh? That is clearly not correct.
  6. I know, it didn't make sense to me at all, but that was the title that came up when I was doing some reading for another member when she was hoping to bid on the Large size, but the seller provided the description and measurements from the XL product info page
  7. So as not to confuse the OP anan, Lady Dior has got nothing to do with Miss Dior; they are two completely separate and different collections.
  8. Many thanks for the clarification.
  9. Does the lady dior extra large come in patent red, I've only found it in the patent burgandy color.
  10. Anyone can share how much can a medium Lady Dior hold?
    I think its size is elegant. =) Thanks!
  11. Ok so this is what I went for, what do you think of my choices:

  12. Sorry but I can't see your picture. You may have to attach it to your post instead by clicking the Paperclip icon.

    Can't wait to see your choice! :smile:
  13. It can hold quite a bit. Some days i have a wallet, tissue pack, powder compact, blusher, umbrella and a scarf/cardigan.

    The only thing is that you may need to take out some items if the thing you're reaching for is stacked at the bottom. So a little 'planning' is done each time i use my LD. For instance when i carry an umbrella it goes right at the bottom since it only comes out depending on the weather. The wallet and tissue papers are right at the top, if you get wat i mean... HTH!
  14. Thank you chloe for your detailed explanation!
    Now Im quite certain of getting medium LD before any price increase!
    Surpise you can stuff your cardigan and umbrella in!
  15. Perhaps i should clarify that it's a slim japanese umbrella and a soft cardigan, one that is about the size of a fist when rolled up:p. Also realised i didn't mention a phone too.