Lady Dior Medium Tote !!??

  1. Does any one own this bag and if so what do you think. How big does it look in IRL It seems a little bit more "relaxed" than other Lady Diors that I have seen. I wear suits to the office but still want a bag that can transition to casual outfits with out looking out of place. Thansk for your help!
  2. Hi Kathryn2007!

    I don't own this bag but I think that this line of trapezoid-shaped Lady Dior bags has some very nice offerings. The particular one in the picture that you posted is quite spacious and can fit a lot of things (so it's bigger than most medium-sized bags). I personally like the slightly smaller version (here's a pic of it from


    I think this LadyDior does look more relaxed than the regular Lady Dior, and matches casual outfits very well!
  3. its very nice bag ... how about looking at the cannage dior totes as well ?? they're soo pretty