Lady Dior medium. New kind of belt?

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  1. My Friend bought a new Lady Dior in medium patent. And i noticed that the strap way differs from the classic ones Did they changed it?

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  2. Yes, all LDs now will come with a thicker adjustable longer strap which is nice, at least DIOR don't just increase the price and decrease quality like Chanel.
  3. Yes, all LDs come with a new adjustable strap....
  4. im slightly confused about this
    are all lady diors now going to be sold with the old thinner strap and the new fat strap so you can choose between them every day or are they being sold with the new fat strap only and we wont be able to get the thin ones any more or are you required to choose which strap you want when you buy? or is it just this season they are coming with thicker straps?
  5. Good question ^ I am wondering as well!
  6. I just bought the LD last Thursday in Paris. I'm guessing that they only sell it with the new fat strap which is adjustable now. Cos the SA did not ask me for a choice. What I understand is that the strap is made longer such that it can now be used as a cross body sling bag too.
  7. It's sold with new fat straps now. Whatever is left with thin straps once it's sold it won't be produce.
  8. Oh that's unfortunate, I actually liked the thinner straps...
  9. i wish they sell the thinner shoulder strap separately as an option, although i like my LD with the longer crossbody strap.

    well, I guess just use it without the strap for the ladylike look?

    just to reassure everyone, it's not exactly fat, just slightly wider than the original shoulder strap. it definitely looks more casual though, and very comfortable to wear crossbody.
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  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467800374.815723.jpg
    I actually starting to like the thicker adjustable strap
  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467800448.972284.jpg
    I can't seem to forget about this cherry red patent but I have to be good but I'm so weak and helpless now.....[emoji85]
    It's actually quite cool looking wearing the LD crossbody, the medium size one though.
  12. perfect shade of red! [emoji106]
  13. Oh wow, I love this strap. I wish I could wear my LD cross body. I bet you can't buy this strap separately, right? Because that would be great if I could.
  14. This bag looks amazing on you and this color is fabulous! I like the thicker, adjustable strap on this bag.
  15. Hello, I am new on this thread but I wanted to share my experience. I live in Paris and I have a medium lady dior with the short strap. I recently tried to buy a separate new longer strap in a Dior shop, but I was told that it was not possible yet to buy it separately. Apparently, I will have to wait until 2017...I was quite disappointed, for I think it is more confortable and modern....I need to be patient !
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