Lady dior in python (reveal)

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  1. love at first sight 💕💎

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  2. 💜💜💜💜💜

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  3. Wow !! congrats on your bag !! Love the color !!
  4. Stunning, wear in good health
  5. Really special! Love it!
  6. Absolutely stunning! I didn't think that the scarf could be tied this way around it. Looks really chic!
  7. Stunning is an understatement...enjoy it!
  8. Gorgeous! Good choice
  9. Wow how gorgeous :smile:
  10. THUMBS UP!!!!!:ps:
  11. Very beautiful, congratulations!
  12. thank u Ladies :heart:

    thank u :heart:
    yes it is deferent and I LOVE how it is look on my LD
    I don't see many girls tie the scarf in this way
    most of them tie the scarf around the handle
  13. Stunning Lady Dior; congrats and enjoy.
  14. very beautiful!!!
  15. WOW. Gorgeous piece. Enjoy in good health!