Lady cleared on buried fetuses


    I shocked that she was cleared on all charges against murdering of the fetuses. If the 1st fetus was still born, that doesn't give her the right to bury it without any medical investigation. To think that she did it 4 times and this could have been prevented and the babies could live.

    Why on earth is she claiming to file multiple "LAWSUITS" on the police authorities for destruction of land/house/business. I just can't believe that she can get away with murder or neglect of fetus. I guess only in America where the accused gets rewarded for their actions.

    I am fumming after reading this article. I guess she doesn't see anything wrong and they can't prove it.

  2. "The case began when Freeman, a 37-year-old taxi driver and mother of four living children, went to the hospital in July after giving birth. Police searched of Freeman's home for the baby, and investigators found a recently deceased fetus under the bathroom sink. They also found three more sets of older human remains, two in a trunk in the living room and one in a Winnebago parked outside."

    What a freak!! How disgusting is that... and how is she innocent at all? even if they can't prove murder she should be locked up for being a gross human being with an obvious mental illness that does not seem to be able to differentiate between right and wrong.
  3. Danica,
    You phrased up exactly how I feel. Can't she afford or even attempt to ask for healthcare assistance to deliver the babies?

    The ironic part is that she is going to sue the police authority and probably end up getting $$$$$$ for emmotional distress that they cause her:cursing:.
  4. Im totally grossed out beyond belief.....
  5. OMG. I'm speechless. This is absolutely horrendous.
  6. Yikes!
  7. I remember the lady who shot her baby in her belly the day it was due.. Apparently in the law if the mom kills her baby still in the belly no matter how old... it is not a crime. I also remember the I forgot his name case, who killed his pregnant wife..murdercharges for his wife but not for the unborn baby (when she/he haven't breath... it officially is not a person yet)

    All of this is tied to abortion. if you make an unborn baby a person than when you commit abortion that would be in itself a crime.

    How disturbing this may be ... the law can't prosecute her... it is strange to have those bodies around in the house... is it a crime?
  8. Shocking... how could the community not know she had been pregnant? Didn't it draw any suspicions? I also want to know, didn't she have prenatal visits?? Surely someone must have known, especially her obstetrician... so many questions!
  9. What a disgusting excuse of a human being....
  10. This absolutely makes me sick! What a disgusting individual!
  11. There is an older California case where a man kneed his ex in the stomach, killing the near-term baby inside. He couldn't be charged with murder because the laws from the 1800s didn't take into account modern technology. After this case, California and many other states changed their laws and now you can be charged with murder if the fetus is viable. That is why Scott Peterson was convicted of the murders of both his wife and unborn child. From the article, it sounds like NJ has a special rule for mothers.

    Many other states have laws about the disposal of bodies, but I guess either she didn't break the law or they decided not to pursue charges. She may think she is going to get a lot of money, but I doubt there is a jury out there who will give her a big award. Maybe the PD will settle, but I don't think it will be for that much. I mean, keeping rotting babies in your house and RV? How sick is that? She didn't even bury them. She has got to have some serious mental problems.
  12. Oh god. That is sick...words escape me...!
  13. :throwup:That is SICK!
  14. Im in utter shock. I cant believe to justice system has come to this.
    Ok, if the kids were stillborn-then she cant be charged with murder-I get that, but why isnt she being charged with hiding the bodies? There is something fishy going on here. "It was not clear whether it was a crime to keep human remains of miscarried children"-are you kidding me????
    This is absurd...

  15. The lady who shot her baby on due date was in Virginia and also walking free. There doesn't seem to a law protection for this?