ladies with hudsons??

  1. What kind of zipper does the chestnut hudson # c362077 have?

    thanks in advance!!
  2. I will look at mine in the AM for you
  3. thanks so much! i just bought the chestnut hudson yesterday from Saks... but i thought most of the new zippers were riri and not lampo. and the seial tag is leather?
  4. My chili hudson has lampo zippers and leather tag.
  5. thanks! i just get so nervous!
  6. I exchanged my large quilted bowler for the hudson. The bowler really lost its shape a lot after using the past couple weeks and although i loved the squishiness of the leather i really prefer a more structured bag i think.

    So I exchanged it for this hudson. Which I love... I'm usually an all black kind of a girl so this is a big change. But I think the color goes really nicely with my bloack coats, etc.
    :heart: :heart:
    IMG_4043.JPG IMG_4042.JPG
  7. Good for you! It's definitely a great bag!
  8. Awesome! i'm actually using my chili hudson today too! =]

    Yeah....the bowler sinks down in the center after use, i think it looks best when it's all puffed up and rounded. That's also one of the reasons why i decided to return my lobster bowler. What a pity though, if it wasn't for the slouchiness, it really is a cute bag.
  9. cute pics yes.please! The bag is a great color!
  10. zoinksta, i know. i am kind of upset about it because i really loved the bowler- but i found myself sitting on the train puffing it back up to the original shape every few minutes. i even started carrying a sweater in it to fill it out a little. ha oh well. i do looooooove the hudson also.

    thanks!! elongreach and marclover