Ladies who got married on a golf course...what kind of shoes did you wear?

  1. LOL Random question, I know!!

    Here's why I ask--I am getting married on a golf course-type lawn...originally, I was planning on wearing some kitten-style heels (I'm 5'10 tall!!)

    But then I thought that if I wear something with a heel, I will sink into the grass and leave little holes in the lawn behind me as I walk down the aisle!!

    I would love to hear your stories about whether or not that happened (LOL maybe I am just being paranoid!!)

    I am thinking that I should consider a small wedge heel or even ballet flats...

  2. Well, I didn't get married on a golf course but I have a few suggestions. They can add a thick fabric aisle or with plastic underneath the fabric and you won't have to worry about the heels. If you choose to wear them and not have an aisle, you simply need to shift all of you weight to the ball of your foot if you are just dying to wear heels. Now I am excellent in heels so I say simply but it might be tough for some people!?! LOL

    If you wear flats you don't even need to worry about it though!?! There are some nice satin flats out there somewhere with your name on them!
  3. I agree with Crystal -- it would seem that there should be some sort of fabric/plastic aisle for you to walk on. I haven't seen anyone just walk on grass.
  4. I'm dealing with this same issue; I'll be walking on grass too. I don't want to trip and fall, and I don't really want to aerate the lawn with every step either!

    I'll be wearing flats so I don't tower over my fiance, but if you want to wear heels you might consider wedges - they're flat on the bottom, so should be a little safer. Maybe something like this?
    Yellow Box Lion (Silver) - Wedges Dress Sandals
  5. thanks, ladies!! I will check into ur suggestions! :smile:
  6. I have to agree with Syntagma - with a little practice you CAN wear stiletto heels and do just fine on the golf course - I have!

    If you would like to hear about a little trick I use - PM me and I'll tell you all about it.

    Good Luck and I hope you and your fiance have a wonderful life together!
  7. Flats are always good, and comfy.

    where in Az are you? I'm in Gilbert!
  8. I got married on a golf course. I wore a two inch chunky heel. Something that wouldn't sink into grass.

  9. LOL Me too!! Well, technically Mesa, but right on the border:nuts:

    My fiancee lives in Gilbert!!:yes:

    We are thinking of getting married at either Seville Golf and Country Club or Sassi (which is in North Scottsdale)

    How are you liking AZ so far?

    We were driving on the 101 Freeway yesterday and it actually SNOWED!!!!!:wtf: :yes:
  10. We got married on a grass-covered garden.

    If you are considering wearing white, beware of heels, as my covered heels had grass and dirt stains all over them by day's end.