Ladies, show me your red chanels!

  1. Thinking of purchasing a red chanel flap. Anyone who owns one, post some pics with you modeling it please!
  2. Hi there. :smile: I have two red flaps: the Jumbo '07 red bijoux chain flap, and the red '05 E/W flap. :love: The E/W I managed to find from a great pfer after two years of looking for it, and it's my favorite, "HG" red. :smile: If you have a good, persistent SA do a search, you might be able to track down the '07 red Jumbo... here are some pics:

    My '05 red E/W baby :heart:

    Me showing off my '07 red Jumbo :heart:

    Silly pic with both red bags :p

    Hope that helps! :tup:
  3. Thanks, fieryfashionist! Their lovely! why is that the photo of the jumbo by itself looks like the chains are different than the 3rd pic with both of you red? Are how much did you get the jumbo for?
  4. Hi. :smile: Thank you! The red Jumbo retails for $2250... here is the info on my box in case you'd like an SA to do a search for you :smile::


    Rouge (5)

    Actually, the silver bijoux chains are there in the last picture, it's just that I put both bags on my shoulder at the same time, so the chain with the leather interwoven through it that you see belongs to my red E/W haha. :p The red Jumbo only comes with the new, bijoux chains though, which you can see in both pictures, in case you were wondering. :smile: Good luck in your search! :tup:

  5. Oh......... I see now. Do you know if any where is selling a red flap with the old chain?
  6. Hmm... that will be very difficult to find I think. :sad: There was a red released for the Fall of '06, and you *might* try to find that (I'm sure a few are floating around)... the Reference Library might have the info you need, aka style #, etc. and you can go from there. :tup: Chanel releases very few reds as it is, so when they do get released, I think that they're snapped up really quickly. Good luck in your search! :smile:

  7. Love the pics
  8. Minal, your e/w is TDF!
  9. ^ Aww, thanks Rica! :smile: I'm drooling over your gorgeous reissues hehe. ;)
  10. Gorgeous bags!!!!
  11. Good luck. I've been trying to find a red jumbo without any success. : (
  12. Am I being too obnoxious to hijack this thread and ask for more people to show their red bags? I am having a serious love affair with red bags right now! :heart::shame:
  13. i would loooove a red flap - but i didnt have much luck locating one so far:sad: