Ladies Please Help!

  1. hi there ladies. Can someone please help me and tell me if they know of any resellers in Orange County or close to the OC? I need to sell a birkin I bought last year but have not used it. I don't feel comfortable selling on eBay so if you have any suggestions i would really appreciate it. thank you in advance!
  2. Have you tried contacting Fashionphile? They are located in Beverly Hills. On their website (, there is a link where you can email them pics of your bag and they can either offer direct purchase or consignment of the item (you'll get more for consignment, the process just takes longer). I don't know of any resellers in OC. Sorry, HTH and good luck! ;)
  3. well, she's not in the OC but further north in CA, but i have both bought and re-sold/consigned through Kaleidoplace. Nancy's website is i cannot recommend her highly enough. She is 1000% trustworthy and will do EXACTLY as she promises. You can email or call her via the contact info on her website! I live in AZ, have never met her and did all our transactions via email/web and post office and it worked flawlessly!
  4. whats the color, size, hardware, leather of your birkin?
  5. Oh ladies... thank you so much for responding! I will try all the ones you have mentioned.
  6. Nancy at kaleidoplace is wonderful. Would definitely recommend her over fashionphile, as I have had experiences with both. Good luck.
  7. Yes, Kaz of SandiaExchange is in Seal Beach actually and she is such a lovely lovely lady~~ I met her in person and she is really wonderful.

    Nancy of Kaleidoplaceis also super sweet, we've exchanged emails as well.

    good luck!
  8. Kaleidoplace and Sandiaexchange are owned by the loveliest ladies. Both are reputable and honest sellers and you couldn't get more professional services than these two.