Ladies look what i won

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  1. for $40:tup:
  2. Shut up!!!! That is an amazing deal! Wow I am so jealous! Congrats
  3. congrats. :tup:
  4. that is a great price, congrats I just don't think I could pull it off.
  5. Cool! I've never seen that before! Congrats on the great deal!
  6. It's a kick'n deal! Just not something I would buy. I am trying to imagine it without the tassels. For some reason it looks like a line of pastes, and I am picturing them on a cow :wtf: I know, WTH??? LOL!
  7. You are so lucky....I never win anything like that without it costing me a arm and a leg.
    Congrats on such a pretty bag!!! :tup:
  8. Hot, you'll have fun using this wristlet. I have the matching hobo and both pieces have fabulous details, Enjoy!!!

    Great price, too!
  9. Thanks ladies, i like it. Its different
  10. That is a GREAT deal!!:yes: I think I paid $158 for mine when it came out!
    Picture 150.jpg
  11. That's what I love about it, it's different. Love the embossing, too!
  12. Great deal!:nuts:
  13. Yeah...different but not crazy...classy different!:yes:
  14. What a deal. Is it new with tags?

    I like unique accessories as well. Enjoy in good health!

  15. What are these purses you have lined up??? Cute~~!