Ladies! I need your help

  1. hi
    i recently purchase too much handbags...therefore i wanna sell one of my chanel bag off ebay...i purchase in Neiman Marcus, and i have the tag and booklet and authentic card..everything.
    here's my problem...
    i dont know how to write a good description since english is not my native language....can anyone give me some help.

    and i bought this $875 + tax during last winter .
    i wonder how much shold i list on ebay would be an fair price?
    thanks a lot for your help
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  2. Have you ever wore it? If not, I would sell it close to what you paid. If it's used, go down a little. Maybe "a best offer" price would be the way to go.
  3. I would say:

    Authentic Chanel handbag purchased new from Neiman Marcus. All tags and authentication card included.

    You should take lots of pictures, I like seeing pictures on ebay, especially if the bag is going to sell for around $800.
  4. thanks for the opinion...this is very helpful.
    i already put it on ebay. :smile: hope she will find a nice home.
    i never carried this bag. it's on new condition.:idea: