Ladies I Need Your Help!!!!

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  1. Ok as ridiculous as this may sound i am a very very confused young man here who needs some assitance. I dont know what a orignal chanel handbag is. My girlfriend has been wanting one for her Birthday and i thought id spoil/surprise her. Shes always mentioning the orignal Chanel bag and how beauitful it is. Can anyone help me be romantic next week, and spare me the heart attack at the store how much is this "origninal bag". What is its real name, can i find it in stores? Thanks gals, and if your wondering yes i did search for a chanel forum and i found this site and made a username but dont tell my girlfriend shes probably gonna think im crazy....I just didnt wanna ask her because shed know.:wlae:
  2. Maybe she wants a classic flap?

  3. Is there a black one with a big white logo on front?
  4. ^sounds like a cambon tote...Does it have 2 white cc's on the front..was it a tote..what was the shape she wanted?
  5. Chanel makes MANY bags..we need to figure out what style it is she wants..they are MANY..LOL

    and please dont pass most DH/SO's might do when they hear the price..LOL..Chanel bags usually run closer to 2000 us dollars........(are u still breathin?)JOKIN!
  6. Maybe a Medium Classic Flap bag... I think that's what she has in mind!
  7. If u go to the CHANEL refernece library thread above..u will see pics of the bags....
    Here is a cambon bag pic I pulled from there...

  8. EXCEPT he said it has a white LOGO on the front..thats what is throwin me off..LOL..
  9. ineedhelp (!!), the "original bag" your lady wants should be a medium classic flap, like the picture posted by Berlyn. Black lambskin is the best, if both silver and gold hardware look good. :idea:
  10. Yes it sounds like cambon, unfortunately the selection may not be too great since its being discontinued but that could be good for you because you may be able to find a good price!

    On another note, if it is the cambon tell your gf BLASPHEMY, that is not the original lol jk.
  11. It does have two white c's on it. You ladies are awesome couldnt have been easier and now that i know it may be discountinued i have a HUGE smile on my face for $$$
  12. ^if you tell us which piece you're looking for exactly we may be able to help you locate one too. Its amazing what we can all find on this forum when we put our heads together! No purse is out of reach! Good luck!
  13. Because it is discontinued, it will be difficult to purchase it from a Chanel botique or Saks/Neimans, etc. But I see them often on e-bay, so if you choose to go the ebay route, please make sure to have the bag authenticated first -- too many fakes on ebay nowadays...

    I doubt these will go on sale at the Chanel store-- most pre-sales have already begun and the cambon line was not included this year. So I believe you will be looking at retail price still, unless you go ebay, in which case it probably depends on condition etc.
  14. You're right Jill.. LOL! :yes: I missed reading that part. Haha. I guess yeah, Cambon. But I believe it's hard to find now.. In case you're looking forward to buy a cambon, I just want to update there are still stocks here in Hong Kong. But not in White Cs. Black Patent Cs.
  15. Select cambon pieces went on sale last year, but I think that was exclusively @ the hawaii Chanel boutiques. I have heard that they went on sale at dep stores on the continent though.

    Ineedhelp: If you're looking at cambon there are still a couple of cute pieces at the Hawaii boutique for under $2000. You can get her an entry level cambon for like $1500, I think the pochette is even less. You'll find something to fit your budget!