Ladies i am flying, look what i got today.

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  1. OK "Cracker" i blame you for all this.:rolleyes: After seeing pictures of your 05 Chocolate City i could not wait till i got my hands on one too.:sweatdrop: I have been after a Chocolate City for a while now and here it is. :yahoo:It just arrived this morning. The leather is very soft, slouchy and as Cracker says chewy. :drool:I love the little charm hanging from it too.:tup: Thanks to RDC.:heart::heart: Enjoy the pics. :smile:
    IMG_2719 (2).JPG IMG_2722 (2).JPG IMG_2723 (2).JPG
  2. Nanaz:

    Congrats.....!!!! WHAT A GREAT bag!! It looks so "Smooshy" and wonderful!! GORGEOUS RICH chocolate... YUMMY!!!!! and that charm is too cute!!
    :tup: YA DID GOOD!!!!

    (on a side note.... perhaps there's been an update and I missed it..... did you ever locate your Sandstone Day yet???
  3. WoWsers.... one thing comes in mind... it looks LUSCIOUS. COngrats... what an aWeSOME FIND! :woohoo:
  4. Congrats! the color and smooshiness looks wonderful :smile:
  5. Yes girlie i found my Giant Sandstone Day too. :yahoo:I think you missed my thread.
    When it rains it pures right?;)
    Here is my thread.:heart:
  6. That is gorgy! Congrats Nanaz!
  7. :woohoo: Congrats Nanaz!!
    It's a gorgeous find... so yummie!!
  8. The color looks very yummy! Congrats!!
  9. Oh, that leather is yummy! Congratulations! Love it!
  10. Gorrrrgeous color!
  11. Wow, Nanaz, that is GORGEOUS! You MUST post a pic of your current Bal family...
  12. Very Nice!! Congrats!!
  13. ohmygod you are on fire! keeep em coming. lol!
  14. [​IMG]
    Sheesh Nanaz! What a luscious yummy bag! I mean chewy yummy!!!! :okay:
  15. OOOOOOOOooooo!!!! Gorgeous bag!!! The leather looks TDF and in great condition, congrats!! :smile: