LADIES! how do you afford your bags?

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  1. are they gifts, do you buy them yourself?
    i know a girl that is not rich, does not even work and has a closet full of chanel and louboutin...??? wonder how she does is. maybe i'm just being nosey... but how do you ladies do it?
  2. there are quite a few threads on this topic. gimme a moment, I'll post some links for you....
  3. I work full time and run a small business.... every last piece of leather I own I sweated it out for!!..... yes I would like to know how your friend does it too!!
  4. Want some honesty????

    I'm 65000 in credit card debt. That's how I afforded them.
  5. I've always wanted to ask, why does anyone wonder? why doesn't anyone ever ask how a man can afford his sports cars? or his speedboat? why is it so hard for anyone to conceive that a woman cannot afford expensive things unless she has some kind of sugar daddy or credit card debt? this question has always bothered me.
  6. ^^^^^^twiggers!!!! oohhh nnnoooo!!! geez girl that is honest. I hoe you are part of the bag ban buddy club or whatever it is called?? Aha!! I see your sig has a few links... well good for you twiggers. Be happy with and grateful for what you have and in no time that debt will be no more!!
    Very honest of you hon....

  7. HAHAHA!!! This is always how I justify my bag habits with men. Do you need those rims on your car? No... but they look good don't they? Well it is the same with a handbag!! So so so true. People just spend their money on different things!!:p
  8. There are multiple threads on this topic. Please do a search.
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