Ladies help! Silver vs Dark Silver for Reissue Bag

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  1. Hello Ladies. I need your help. Which color looks better on reissue bag? Silver or Dark Silver? Thank you.
  2. I personally like dark silver, gunmetal color.
  3. not a fan of foily metallics, but if i had to pick, dark for me. less blingy.
  4. Thank you for sharing your opinion.
  5. any pics?
  6. Dark silver is the way to go! It will match much easier than regular silver. Based on the fact that Chanel made like 4 (?) versions of dark silver in their reissues and only one silver, I assume that dark silver was more popular. Anyhow, I have dark silver 08 and I love it!
  7. I love dark silver much more.
  8. I have a dark silver reissue and I love it!
  9. Dark Silver! :tup:
  10. Another vote for Dark Silver.
  11. Definitely go for dark silver. Silver is too light, I've seen it, and never think I would put thousounds on it.
  12. Dark Silver looks better imo
  13. Dark Silver hands down! The light silver is far too bright for my taste. I have the 07 Dark Silver Reissue and she is gorgeous!
  14. Dark silver !! ;)
  15. Dark silver! Definitely...