Ladies & Gents...NO Joke, I have officially lost my mind!

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  1. Okay, ladies and gents, I think I have lost my mind completely. Especially after this post, I am sure you will all say to yourselves, "Yea, she's got problems!!" LOL.

    Okay, so here goes, well, for some reason I have not been happy with the bags I have aquired lately, I mean, I love the Sayela PM and am happy with that one, but the others. I don't know what it is. I am just not in love. I am at first, then it fizzles out soon.'s what I figured. I used to have the Manhattan PM and sold it and should have NEVER done that because that is the one bag I had for almost a year and totally loved and was happy with it. So, what did I do????

    Sell many of my other bags and call up Elux and order the Manhattan PM - AGAIN, FOR THE SECOND TIME!!!!!

    Is my brain even functioning anymore, ladies? I mean really.

    So, I will now have the Manhattan PM, White MC Trouville, (which is what I started out with), the Indigo Reade PM, the Red Epi Speedy, and the Damier Sayela PM. Which I think is a well rounded collection of bags.

    Have I made another mistake? Should I have just kept what I had? And...the question I don't even want to think about....will I be happy with the Manhattan PM this time?????

  2. I would SLOW down on the speedy's you keep buying lol and get the manhattan pm

    lol i know you love the bags but turn the other cheek! keep what you have, then you will end up regretting that you sold those!
  3. Just use them!!!
  4. well you can't regret what you've already done. so enjoy the bags you have. wait til you get the manhattan to decide. you'll know when you have it in your hands again.

  5. LOL!!! I know. Slow down....that's my big problem. I really am addicted to bags. Of course, my bank account forces me to slow down, and buy as well as SELL!!!

    To late too for the speedy's, I've already sold 2 of them.
  6. LOL... wow.... this really IS an addiction, it's like the stock market or worse!!! Buying the Manhattan PM for the second time,,, wow... I want that bag too, it rocks... I'm scared to sell on ebay... you're not... I haven't fizzled too bad with any of my purchases, actually not at all... But, there's others that I want, but don't want too many, cause then to me it becomes clutter. Don't sell the Manhattan again, DON'T!... heehee,,, you're funny, but it IS an addiction, I do know what you mean... keep us posted...
  7. keep the bags you have and maybe sell 1 bag you really don't feel and save up for the manhatten PM
  8. I feel your pain, while I have not regretted the bags I've sold I keep buying bags and then in shear gulit wonder if I should have bought it! Is there consuling or something??
  9. i think your collection is well rounded, and if you miss the Manhattan PM, then hopefully, you will enjoy carrying it again this time around.
    and, you are far from crazy bc i would think most of us have felt this way at some point in time!:yes:
    good luck!
  10. ^^ You ladies are awesome!!

    Let me clarify though--I've already ordered the Manhattan PM again, this afternoon. And I've already sold some bags too.

    And yes, there is tons of counseling available to people like, but then maybe I would stop buying bags????? :sad: don't like that.

    hee hee, me bad.
  11. Too much TPF, lol? Take a breather and wait until after the holidays to make any big decisions.
  12. Congrats on your Manhattan PM, that bag totally rocks, you're gonna freaking love it! Let me know when you find the counselling place, I need it too, the other day Michelle and Tink helped me a LOT when I almost went LV bonkers... You go, for not being afraid to do whatcha need to... I'm there!

  13. LOL! Your my kind of girl!!! ha ha, yea, I'm gonna "go" right till I get to the poor house!!!! LOL.

    Thanks for all your opinions ladies, I really appreciate them!!
  14. I don't think you have lost your mind at all!

    I am all over the place when it comes to LV - I love one purse for a while and then if I lose interest in her, I sell her and buy another. It's not that I am unhappy or dissatisfied, there's just too many items in the buffet line, KWIM? And I want to try everything! :yes:

    I think you have a great well-rounded collection of bags. :drool:

    Give the Manhattan a try again and see...;)

  15. "Items in the buffet line" I FREAKING LOVE THAT!!!!! Okay, see, now I feel better!!!! Yup, that's my new way of thinking about bags...items in the buffet line....gotta try a little bit of everything, no?? Ha!!!

    Thanks Addy!!!!