Ladies, could you be engaged without a ring?

  1. I saw this on another message board. So many women were saying that it wouldn't matter to them, as long as the love was there...:hrmm:

    I was the only woman in the thread who said that I would want an engagement ring.:shame: I expected one and received one. He expected to give one...the idea of an engagement ring was in his head before he even met me. But I was materialistic for even expecting. :rolleyes: Please.

    I was honest...I just would not have considered it an engagement unless I has received a ring (expensive or not). I needed evidence.:roflmfao:

    And I liked following tradition.

    Am I alone?
  2. An engagement, to me, is a promise of love :heart: , not a ring. BUT that is my own opinion and to each their own! :idea:

  3. ABSOLUTELY agree!!!!
  4. If my guy were poor, I wouldn't even expect him to spend 1k on a cheap ring (do they even come that cheap?). Engagement is a symbol of commitment & love. I don't need a ring.
  5. Yes, I didn't even want an engagement ring. The most important ring I received was my wedding band!
  6. I would be okay with not getting ring ... but only if I was getting something incredible as a replacement ... like a huge diamond necklace. :biggrin: Honestly I would prefer something unique over a ring. BUT I would still want something. It does not necessarily have to be expensive (if the guy doesn't have any money) but he has to show that I mean something special to him. Materialistic, yes! but I won't apologize for it.
  7. Oh my....Is this a younger generation thinking????? Of course the ring is important. The thinking in my day was it should cost what a man makes in a year. I've been married several times and I do have quite a nice collection :biggrin:
  8. I was engaged without a ring, but we got married FAST (2-3 weeks).
    I'm sure if it would have been a long engagement, I would have designed myself a ring of some sort.

    I don't think it's selfish to want or expect one. Whatever is right for the individual couple.

    **edited to add: I always joke to my husband that I will finally get an engagement ring on our tenth anni. and that I deserve a carat for every year without--10 carats. I'm kidding of course ....sort of ;)

  9. totally agree...
  10. Ring is just a circle of gold and perhaps a diamond. Its not going to make the marry work or fall apart. PErsonally I culd care less, a wedding band is just fine.
  11. Thought it was what he makes in 2/3 months?

  12. Wow.. I don't think I would get engaged without a ring. Call me old fashioned, or just plain crazy, but I think it's possible to have love, commitment AND a ring!
  13. I love my boyfriend but when or if he proposes, I better get a ring! :biggrin:
  14. I would like a ring. However, I don't think I would necessarily be pisst if I didn't get one. It's just a ring- anyone can buy one.. it's harder to find love than it is to find someone who can afford to buy you jewelry.

    haha but I wouldn't complain if he got one!
  15. When I was married I had a beautiful diamone enagement ring/insert wedding band I never wore, not because I was unhappy but because I hate wearing rings. I hate the way they feel on my fingers. If I ever marry again I want an engagement purse. Bring on the Chanel!

    Also, it is my opinion that rings are far more important to the women than the men. I have worked in large corporate companies since the early 80's and most married men don't even wear their bands and if they do, they hardly ever mention their wives in conversation. (Most were cheating, ring or not). Ever notice how a woman will take any opportunity to throw the words "My boyfriend or husband" into the conversation. It's evident here on the PF. You could be talking about taking a crap and a woman will go, "My BF/husband took the biggest crap the other day..." It annoys me no end, but that can be a topic for another thread! Men rarely do this. No one had a clue I was married at the time unless they specifically asked. I have always been extremely independent and never defined myself as part of a man.