Ladies: can you change a tire................... long story

  1. Last week, I had a tire blowout on the New Jersey turnpike, my front tire blew out while I was in the middle lane, slowely my car was dying on me going down to 5 miles an hour and I could not stear at all, on the right and the left of me people were going around 80 MPH, I really thought I was going to die, I was on the phone with my Bf, in full panic mode, I was going to jump out of the car on the turn pike:nuts:, thats how scared I was people behind me were going to slam into me, anyway a kind soul got into the right lane and slowed down to nothing so I could move onto the sholder, Thank you who ever you were, you saved me, anyway, my bf who was a few exits in front of me had to come back and change my tire on the turnpike, got me thinking I really need to learn how to AT LEAST learn how to change a tire, what If my phone didnt work and I was in a scary or abandoned place, how many gals on here have changed thier tires or know how to?
  2. Yes, I do know how to change a tire. Have I ever done it or will I ever do it? Not unless I absolutely have to. Every time I've gotten a flat I called someone to do it.
  3. Yes, I know the process of changing a tire, however I've never physically been able to get the bolts off myself (and I'm a fairly strong female.)

    I recently had my front driver's side tire go while I was on the Mass Pike, and I realized that it wasn't worth risking trying to change a tire on that side myself as I'd have to be like 1 ft away from traffic. Within minutes the service truck arrived, changed my tire for me, and didn't charge a cent. It was a very easy process.
  4. What a frightening experience!! Hope you are ok!!

    As for your question, I did learn years ago, but I've never had to do it so don't think I would remember now if I had to!!!
  5. Glad you're okay!

    I actually do know how to change a tire. I also know how to change the wiper blades, change light bulbs, change the air filter, add fluids, put air in the tires, use jumper cables and a couple other things... My dad always made me help him with that stuff, because he thought it would be cool for a girl to know how to do it. I'll admit that it's come in handy over the years :p...
  6. No clue how to change a tire!! Or, looking at what Claire can do... can't do any of that either!

    I have to say i'm definitely automobile challenged. maybe i should learn...
  7. I have really really bad luck with tires so I know how to and have changed tires in the past. However, the last time I had a flat my 3 month old daughter was in the car and I was by myself. I had to stop on a dangerous part of a freeway so I called my DH for help because I couldn't leave her in the car while I changed the tire. He tells me he's too busy and to call the cops because "that's what they do." I ended up calling my dad who came and changed my tire. I remind my husband about it all the time. He has since gotten me some kind of service like Triple A who will change my tires for me if I should have a flat again.
  8. I can't even no, I can't change a tire...but i plan on learning to drive this year!
  9. I am quite mechanically savvy with cars only because I feel if I drive them then I should know how to get myself out of trouble; it also helps when dealing with mechanics when they try the old "you're just a female what would you know" thing.
  10. Before my spine went bad, I always changed my own tires. Every independant women should know how to change a tire, add oil, pump her own gas, check her tire pressure and know how to check the brake fluid levels.

    They should also kno whow to tighten a pipe, change a washer in the faucet, hammer a nail, find a stud (IN THE WALLS YOU PERVS!) and know where the shut off valve is in the bathroom.

    Lessons at my house, Monday through Thursdays, bring your own booze.
  11. Oh Grrr I *hate* that situation! Thankfully, it doesn't happen more than once with anyone I deal with, since they find out very quickly what I can do/know.

    I race cars, have been doing the high performance driving thing for 10 years. That involves me doing my own oil, brake, tire changes, minor to moderate repairs and modifications. Funny story that lends a twist to the "female not knowing anything/man being the mechanic" situation:

    I was driving home from (of all things) salsa-dancing lessons, and was appropriately dressed. Still had my truck (tow vehicle) loaded with my tools, and happened upon a car pulled over on a residential street. It was listing to one side and had 2 rather confused-looking men (boys?) standing next to it, staring at the flat tire and the car-equipped jack. I pulled over and asked them if they needed help, and they just nodded and looked at me funny. I ran back to my truck and pulled out the floor jack, cordless impact gun and flashlight. Jacked up the car (properly! since they had messed it up), took off the wheel, put on the spare, tightened the lugs with the gun, lowered the car, loaded my tools back in the truck, and ran back to them and tightened the lugs with the torque-wrench. I asked them if they needed anything else and was on my way. During the entire thing they just stood there and were speechless. I was glad to have helped, if a bit amused.

    My parents had taught me to always be able to take care of myself and be able to fix anything I depended on, so hopefully if they are blessed with daughters they will pass on that wisdom.

    Having such skills definitely come in handy if you are ever stranded. Besides, in my case it makes for a pretty funny story!
  12. Yes, I can change a tire. I'm not very strong so I have to stand on top of the cross-wrench to loosen the nuts...LOL... :p
  13. Glad you're alright. How scary! Yes, I know how to change a tire, jump start a dead battery, change the oil and do a tuneup. But I usually just take my vehicle to the shop, it's easier. I think that it's important to know how, just in case. IMHO they really should teach that as part of driver's ed.
  14. Nope, my dad wouldn't let me take shop class because he thought the teacher used to flirt with the girls. So now I have AAA roadside service on speed dial.
  15. sjunky, glad you are okay! That sounds scary, and I probably would have been in full panic mode.

    claireZk - Wow! I'm impressed. I know how to change a tire, in theory, but have never done it IRL.

    Okay, Speedy, now you guys are making me feel bad. I'll go out and buy a tool set, see you Monday. Margaritas or Mojitos?

    When you left did you say "When you get home, get your wife to take a look at that, little fella!" or something suitably condescending?