Lacoste, anyone?

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  1. For some reasons, I think these bags are so cute..
    they come in all diffrent colors.
    well I'm a huge fan of Lacoste (esp. shoes)
    but anybody else like any of these bags?
    I just wanted to share.:smile:
    Honest opinions much appreciated!:love:

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  2. I don't own any Lacoste bags, but those in the third and fourth pictures are really cute!
  3. Sorry not a fan of Lacoste bags but :heart: the shoes
  4. I love Lacoste, but not a fan of their bags. Some of their bags are cute, though. I do love the fourth one here.
  5. I own a couple of their bags. They're great summer bags -- the ones I own anyways. :smile:
  6. I like the stuff, but I never am satisfied with a canvas bag for some reason.
  7. There stuff is cute.
  8. I think they are cute! I love the little alligator. The first one would be a great beach tote.
  9. I like the first and last one, not a big fan of the brown and orange...but that's more the colors I don't like, than the style.

    When I was in asia last year they were very big there...I liked a lot of the pastel bags.
  10. I like the 3rd and 4th one. I like the 5th one but in a different color.