La Mer Body Creme users--advice needed

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  1. I have been dealing with insanely sensitive, allergic, ultra-dry skin this past winter. I bought La Mer face creme and it helped tremendously. The SA was very generous with samples and gave me a bunch of the body creme. I :heart: it! BUT--approximately how long can one expect a 10 oz tub to last? Is it really possible to NOT have to moisturize daily, like La Mer claims with this product?
    Please give me your opinions--my wallet needs you!
  2. I have very dry itchy skin and use the La Mer body cream. It works beautiful but I've found that I do have to use it every day. However, a little goes a long way. One tub will last me the entire winter season when I need it most. In the summer, I switch to the body serum which is lighter.
  3. It lasts about four to five months. I will always buy this. It is awesome.
  4. To be honest, I never really enjoyed the La Mer body cream. I really like the one from La Prairie instead, though. I think a cheaper alternative to a great body cream is the one by Kiehl's - the one I always slather on at bed time. Works beautifully.
  5. I love the La Mer body creme:love: although I find too that I still have to use it daily. I don't use much though so it does last quite a while. I bought mine at the beginning of February and I still have a little less than half left. But I have also been using it on my four year old son because he has such sensitive skin and a bit of eczema on his back and this does wonders for him. I think now that the weather is getting warmer I could probably use it every other day though. I think you would be very happy with it!!:tup:
  6. I generally don't like La Mer products but I do love their body creme. I find that one tub lasts at least 3 months and I generally apply daily in the winter time and every other day in the spring/summer.
    I think that it is a great investment. BG is having their Beauty event now so it might be worth purchasing a tub during their promo event.
  7. I used their body cream last summer and did not think it worked any more than Oil of Olay lotion or something similar from the store IMO. I used it every day because obviously if you shower, it all comes off. My skin would be dry again and not supple in the morning if I put it on the night before.

    IDK but I thought it was a huge waste of money, for me anyways.
  8. I've used the body creme before and I did have to apply it daily...