LA. ladies, What shouldn't I miss??

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  1. I've been to LA. a bunch of times but NOT since I joined this blog - I know some of you live in the area - I'm leaving Friday - will be in Bev. Hills - Any really special shop or restaurant I should try to get to? Thx for any feedback.
  2. if you like to celeb spot.. The Ivy on Robertson Blvd is a great place to see and be seen.
  3. I've got some personal restaurant suggestions:

    Arnie Morton's (my fav..get their raspberry souffle)
    Mastro's steakhouse (my hubby's fav)
    Sasebune Sushi (OUR ULTIMATE FAV!!)

    Pink's Hot Dog
    Luna Park
    Sweet Lady Jane (desserts)

    That's all I can think of right now...=)
  4. In beverly hills... there's Lawry's steakhouse (yummmy prime rib dinner) also just across the street is the Stinking Rose (if you like garlic... this is the place for you)

    After that, you can cruise to the Beverly center and shop for more purses!:nuts:
  5. I went to LA over the break, and one thing that you shouldn't miss is Yamashiro restaurant. It is located on Hollywood hills, very very close to the Kodak Theatre (maybe 10 minutes) You have to make a reservation so u can get to sit next to the window, and you have to come at night or right before sunsets.

    This is there website

    It is a Japanese restaurant with a western flare. The view at night is soooooooooo beautiful. I think it is the BEST way to view LA at night. It was romantic even though I was with my parents. The building itself is wonderful. It is a 600 years old pagoda which was transported piece by piece from Japan.

    I reccommend Salmon with Miso Sauce and Kobe Beef. If you don't like anything too fishy but want to try their sushi, avoid anything with those huge fish eggs... It tasted so much like Scotch-Emulssion (did anybody drink this fish oil serum when u were young.. oooh poor me) Everything else was wonderful.

    PS try Blooming Bliss Tea.. the tea blooms in ur pot.. oh so cute..
  6. Thanks with love:love:
  7. no problem =DD
    if you need more places to go, just msg me..
    my family and i had a good time there =))
  8. Man... I live in LA and I never heard of any of these fine places you girls suggested. That tells me something: I need to get out more often!! :lol:
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