l@@king for someone who has BOTH the BH and Pop Haute

  1. can you post pics of both the batignolles horizontal and the popincourt haut on your shoulder so I can see about how big they are? Also can you post a pic of them side by side on a table or something?


    oh and which do you like better of the two?? which one do you find you use more?
  2. also elux doensn't give the width or depth measurement on the PH, which one of the two is bigger/wider/fatter??

    oh and please post a pic with your stuff inside each bag so I can see the difference..........PLEASE??
  3. Hi Tracy, I hope someone posts pics of these. I would love to see the pics as well!

    And I'm sort of trying to figure out what shoulder purse I want to get.
  4. Thank you GerGirl. :flowers:

    I will be asking Sandra which one she likes more. I like them both as well.
  5. thanks :biggrin:!

    and thanks GerGirl for weeding out those photos :heart:!
  6. Sandra, beautiful pics as always. And thanks for the reply to the pm. :flowers: