L.A. peeps - Anyone want to take a sewing class w/ me?

  1. Just throwing this out there... I'm thinking about taking a sewing class at Otis or somewhere in the Fall. I figure it'll be a fun hobby to take the stress of school and such. Is anyone interested in taking it w/ me? :graucho:
  2. You might try a quilting class. Quilting is fun, and you can make your own beautiful quilts. Even if you don't find a PFer to take the (sewing) class with you, take it! You'll love it!
  3. I love sewing, I didn't know that Otis offered those types of classes. Do they also have design classes?
  4. I think so; I was just on their website at OTIS College of Art and Design and the Basic Sewing class looks like it teaches the stuff that I'm hoping to learn (construction). It's also right near my school. :smile: Are you going to take a design class there, thithi?
  5. p.s.

    It's cool that you love sewing! I'm learning to sew; do you have any tips to impart?


    Please post pics of your creations! :biggrin: