L.A.M.B. in the wild...

  1. I saw my first LAMB, LS Esquivel, in the wild last Saturday at the Prudential Center in Boston, MA.
  2. I can see the Pru from my bedroom window right now!
    Youd never know it, but you were VERY close to a Treasure Chest full of lamb!

    I represent the lamb here in Bean town! haha:wlae:
  3. went to Japanese restaurant for dinner and the hostess said "I like your lamb bag".. Bet she has one too since she knew it right away that it's lamb.. I had my ls mandy with me tonight.. Bf said "she probably one of the girls on your bag forum too" :lol:
  4. saw a girl with saddle mandeville yesterday..
  5. Yesterday at dinner at this great seafood restaurant, I saw a woman carrying a lipstick carlisle. So fab.
  6. not a bag but i saw a girl with a black lamb leather jacket yesterday..
  7. TV sighting! I was watching L.A. Ink and the tattoo artist Kim Saigh had a red glazed Love Asti hobo. It looked really cute on her shoulder.
  8. Yesterday at Best Buy....girl at Customer Service with a Rasta Morant on the counter.....DH whispers "psssst - that's a LAMB huh?"

    I was so proud! I've taught him well :love:
  9. That's kind of cool! My BF will never understand me and purses.
  10. All these stories are so cool!!! I wonder will I ever see anyone in Ohio carrying LAMB. If I do...it'll probably be allicatexp!!! lol
  11. A while ago i saw a girl using a LS makeup pouch as a clutch. It was in a really disgusting college drive bar. I was kind of horrified, i would never bring any lamb in there for fear of it getting spilled on or puked on :yucky:
  12. I had three different people freak out about my shadow mandeville when i took it out shopping with a friend on friday. The girl at the MAC store was so nice she was also desperatly looking for something in rasta, i pointed her towards off Saks, and eBay... so hopefully she finds one...
  13. I work at the Gap, and since December, I've seen:
    a girl with a silver montego (made me want one, I ended up getting one 2 weeks later!)
    an older woman with a brown/brown kensington sutton (looked 50+)
    a woman with a red/nude love capri
    a girl with a bullseye saddle mandeville
    a teenage girl with a small donegal hobo from Fall 04, it looked so cute, I commented to her about it.
  14. I live in Esfahan and have just spotted an Asiatic mouflon in my city.
  15. Two LAMB sightings last night. One at dinner ... large cosmetics case as clutch sitting on table at Rosa Mexicana. After concert, I saw a girl carrying an Ombre Checkerboard Carlisle. I was carrying my silver carlisle as a tote. Maybe I carry too much stuff, but I can never make it through the night carrying that bag as a clutch! It's way heavy.