Kristin Large Hobo vs Kristin Drawsting Hobo

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  1. Does anyone know if these two are about the same size? I really like the pictures of the Drawstring Hobo, but I hope it is not larger than the Large hobo?
  2. Me either The drawstring hobo is called the kristen Rouched leather drawstring large Hobo Dimesions 171/2x15 x3 1/2 I was in the store yesteday and asked about it and they printed a product info sheet out for me I have the large yellow Hobo and its not much bigger than the Parker hippie which is good!
  3. What are the dimemsions of your large Kristen hobo?
  4. Jax said 18x15 now that might be laying down I measured the large hobo myself and got roughily 16 x15 while it was hanging! it slouchs alot and the drop is like 12" It reminds me of the Hamptons vintage Hobo so I really like this bag! I want to order the drawstring one the navy which should be avail. to order next week so I will probaly order it then!
  5. what is the style number?
  6. Mary G- Do you know if the Kristen Drawstring Hobo is available to order yet? It looks so fabulous in the Navy/Silver!! Stunning!! I love your Kristen Hobo also in yellow! Love them!
  7. I am going to get the navy hobo. I love it.
  8. The chalk/ Gold is avail Now to order and the navy/Silver is avail to order sometime next week that what Jax told me! The Style# 14787 for $498 You never know by the drilldown pic but I think the blue looks great in this bag!
  9. I am sooo getting that navy hobo!!' i want it so bad that ill pay fp for it!
  10. ^^^ I am really hoping a Vday coupon will come out... I will hold out until then. It is such a wonderful color. I need a blue bag bad. :smile:
  11. I know right?!!! But would be even more fab if there is a PCE that same week we can order!! *cross fingers* Oh c'mon Coach Gods!! lmao :biggrin:

  12. That would be sooo awesome to get a pce iN the nexr week or 2!!!

  13. We can only hope!