Kristin baby sage handles peeling?


Jun 28, 2012
I got a baby sage last summer at factory. I have carried it about ten times if that. I noticed today that one handle has white spots along the edge and I think the pebbled handle material may be fading or peeling. Have any of you had that experience?


Jul 26, 2012
South Carolina
My Kristin satchel from the Spring 2011 line ( not a sage, just a regular satchel ) has embossed handles that have lost some of their color. It's like the color has rubbed off in a couple of spots. It happened soon after I started carrying her.
I don't know if it's a defect or if I did something wrong. I carried her for MONTHS because I love her so much so I assumed it was my fault that she had color loss on her handles.
I would not be able to find another one anywhere...I've looked on the bay and I bought acrylic paint to use to hide the color loss.

It sounds like the damage on yours could be a defect. I know I've read other people having color loss issues on handles, but can't remember what bags they were.
Sorry your beauty has problems! Hopefully one way or another, your situation is easily resolved!


Mar 9, 2012
my woven laila has color loss on the handles and all parts where the leather isn't woven. i thought the white spots were paint and tried to clean them which made it worse. I was wondering if it was a defect.


"The Bag Whisperer!"
Dec 18, 2009
If it is already showing a defect you should take it back to coach for repair or refund. I have 2 baby sage bags and I've carried one of them quite a lot and so far no problems; but I rarely carry it by the handles.

I carry it as a shoulder bag, below are the instructions for shortening the long strap to turn it into a shoulder bag. Just in case you want to switch off and not use the handles so much.

instructions for shortening the long strap on a kristin satchel (sage) to turn it into a shoulder bag:
- Unhook both ends of the adjustable crossbody strap and remove it from the bag
- Unbuckle the strap so that it separates into 2 parts
- Pick up the long part and clip it to the ring on 1 side of the bag
- Thread the long strap through the ring on the other side of the bag
- Pick up the short piece and rebuckle it to the long piece of the strap
- Clip the buckled short end to the same side of the bag where the long piece is clipped
- Adjust the length of the new "shoulder strap" as needed by changing the buckle hole used