Kristen All Leather Quilted Bowler

  1. I JUST SAW THE THREAD TITLE! I MEANT KRISTEN Quilted Bowler!!! Sorry!!!

    Has anyone seen this bag up close? I saw it on the NM/BG sites and I'm really loving this Oatmeal color it comes in. :drool: Any opinions? Thoughts? Love it? Hate it?

    This is from the NM site...
  2. not for me, sorry.But if you like it go for it!!
  3. the overall bag is ok, but im not much for Logo's...thats just me..but if you like it go for it, thats all that matters!!
  4. I don't like wearing/carrying logos (unless they're paying me to wear/carry it, it's just free advertising for them), but that's just my own personal hang-up. If you love it and will wear the hell out of it, then you should get it!
  5. I've seen this bag and I can't say that I'm a fan either.
  6. Fixed title for ya!!LOL!.I do that all the time..No worries!HEEHEE!
  7. Nay for me.
  8. I also saw this in a nylon tote and I couldnt belive MJ had big logos on his bags
  9. No love from me...not a fan of the logo across the front...
  10. I'm jumping on board with the "nays." The bag itself is nice, but I'm not crazy about the huge logo.
  11. Sorry, but it's not really my style. If you like it though that's all that counts.
  12. See I thought it was just me...I wasn't in love with the logo either, but I loved the shape/size/color of the bag. So close!
  13. It's cute, if only it didn't say M A R C J A C O B S across the front.